What Does Your Aura Say About You?

Your aura is the output of energy that comes off of your body. It is an often invisible field that displays who you are to the world and to the people that can recognize your aura. You may initially scoff at this, but think about it. There have been times where you’ve felt comfortable with a stranger or someone has instantly put you off. You aren’t always just judging the person by their physical parameters, you may be sensing their energy, their aura. An aura can have different colors and these colors define who you are as a person. They will make points about your relationship, your health issues, your personality, and so on. Let’s take a look at the different aura colors and what they might mean.


The color red has always been associated with passion and strength and even intimacy. A red aura can be found in strong minded individuals.


An athlete is most likely to have an orange aura. Risk takers and adrenaline junkies in general have this color to them. Think of your buddy who skydives, or the one that swims with the shark. Orange aura.


The crazy one. People with magenta auras often find themselves as the center of attention for their outrageous antics. They are the life of the party.



Green has always been associated with intelligent people. The green aura is typically found in the busy body workaholic type. Think Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, for example.


Your best friend, the one that loves to laugh, probably has the yellow aura. They are fun and funny, creative and loving, and reliable.


Someone with a tan aura is probably a deep thinker, practical and analytical. They are prone to bouts of logic and love the stability that comes with knowing what is going on.


People with the blue aura are emotionally exhausting, very spiritual, and typically willing to help in any situation. They have a lot to offer from both a practical and a mental side. They are great teachers and have an ear for anyone who needs to talk.


The ones with a lavender aura will typically find themselves lost in the clouds. They are sensitive and creative and almost always talented artists.


They are as beautiful as they are clear. They are quiet and spiritual, sensitive and intelligent. They have a healing vibe to their being and are quick to help though afraid to hurt themselves.


These are the big picture people. They are the politicians, the activists, the lead singers. They are vocal and natural born leaders. They make their pleas to the masses and try to help where they can find their passion.


The androgynous. The spiritual. The psychic. The indigo aura is extremely rare.

This is just a sampling of the different color auras that exist out there in the world. While some of them may have their similarities to one another they never completely intersect. Take a look into what your aura is and you may be surprised at just where it leads you. Whether you are the kind yellowed aura individual or the big picture violet, you can learn a lot about yourself and the people around you by figuring out the color of their aura.

Birth Charts – Better Horoscopes or Not?

One such source of information, of course, is given by the stars, and astrology plays an important role in our lives as we read the morning newspaper at breakfast and draw some positive energy out of the daily reading of our zodiac sign, in the horoscope section. Who does not wish to know what the day holds for the Libras or the Pisces of the world, as we step into the daily events? A person’s sign is a great indication of that person’s character and type, thus a Libra will be often times diplomatic, graceful and hospitable, while at the same time being vain or superficial. However, the information provided by the horoscopes has become insufficient for our ever growing curiosity and need for information, thus birth charts have become of great importance.  A great resource to learn more about horoscopes and psychic readings is www.psychicjourney.org

Birth charts: Detailed Horoscope Readings

The difference between the horoscope and the birth chart is that the latter needs more information to structure itself accurately, such as birth date, exact hour and place of birth, and the result is a complex chart which goes all the way to the moment of birth of the person, offering a very insightful description of the native, based on their Ascendent, Descendent, Midheaven and Lower Midheaven, which form the basis for mapping the position of the twelve houses of the native.

Many people go to specialized astral readers to have their charts drafted and interpreted, in order to get an in depth image of who they are, what their abilities and strengths are, as well as their weak points. It is a great source for revealing one’s potential, especially those parts one never knew he had, being very personal. The exact time and place of birth are essential in obtaining an accurate chart, which poses problems for some people whose exact time of birth is either unknown or approximated, in which case they would have to rely on the memory of their parents to obtain the exact hour and minute of their coming into the world. The reason for the need of such precise information is that the birth chart is based on the stars and planets, which are in constant movement, leading even to two different charts for twins sometimes.

Here is a relative example of a small part of the chart: a native of the Libra zodiac sign, which has the Sun positioned in their zodiac sign in the astral plane, is a sociable person, looking for partnerships, greatly respecting justice.

The horoscope provides a general outlook of a person’s character and main traits, strengths and weaknesses, whereas the birth chart seems to display the person entirely, exposing every facet of their being, creating more certainty for those in need of it. However, which is the two is more preferable, remains to be determined by each native individually, at each moment of their life.

Uncovering the Answers With Psychic Readings

Whether you are looking for answers to questions concerning loved ones who have passed or need guidance with difficult decisions in your life, psychic readings can provide those answers to you and so much more. There could be many reasons why you are considering visiting a psychic and despite what you may have heard the experience can be very revealing if you go in with an open mind and allow the reader to properly do their thing. Psychic readings can certainly reveal answers to many unanswered questions you may have.

Lost Loves and Soul Mates

Many people seem to have difficultly understanding if they have met their soul mate or if that meeting has yet occurred. Believing that your soul mate is the love of your life, many folks go through their whole life in search of that person unsure whether they have or have not crossed paths. When you consult a psychic about a soul mate, you will not have to give any opinion about who you believe it may be, or whether you feel you missed an opportunity with a soul mate years ago. The psychic readings will reveal who that person is and when they will come into your life if they haven’t already. You may discover that your soul mate has been working in your office for years and you never considered it. Let the reading reveal all the details and clues for you without any help from you so that you can put the pieces of the puzzle together once the reading is over.1

Contacting Lost Family Members

Some people have a very difficult time with the death of a loved one, and continue to mourn for years unsure if they are fine on the other side. You will not have to disclose any names or relationships when inquiring about the passing of a loved one. The psychic readings will uncover who is watching over you and if they have any messages for you. Each psychic readings is different and a psychic may incorporate the help of tarot cards to reveal someone is trying to contact you or they may simply be able to feel that presence right in the room besides you. Often when a spirit is determined to contact you they will make it near impossible for the psychic not feel them in the room. Allow your reader to tell you who is in your aura and what messages they have for you. You will never be prodded for information when a spirit wants to communicate with you through the psychic.

5 Signs You Might Be Psychic

You think of your mom at 10 PM only to have her call you five minutes later.

You never buy lottery tickets if you have psychic readings by phone but once at a store, you suddenly had the urge to pick one up and scratched that ticket to find yourself 100 dollars richer.

Are the events above common within your everyday life? Maybe you’ve always felt as if you might have a certain gift that others either don’t, or just haven’t developed yet. Here are 5 signs you might be psychic.

You’re Highly Intuitive

Your friends weigh out all the pros and cons in their decisions but baby, you just know things. When it comes to situations in your life, you always follow that gut instinct and rarely does it ever lead you astray. You believe in yourself and in your choices and you know that when you get that twisted feeling in your stomach when you meet someone, it’s time to turn away.

You Naturally Notice Patterns


There’s no such thing as a coincidence in your world; where other people dismiss an event as chance, you see a connection. When it comes to daily problems within your and your loved one’s lives, you know that all the little actions make up the whole. You have a good understanding of human behavior and know how deeply habit runs within the human mind; hence why certain events continually repeat without change.

You’re Highly Sensitive

You can walk into a room and feel the tension without anyone ever saying a word. You’re quick to pick up on the emotions of others and are easily able to determine whether someone is in a positive or negative state. It can sometimes be difficult for you to be in large crowds because of all the emotions overflowing within one place.

You Have Premonitions

Others may dismiss your interest in dream researching, but you’ve always been a firm believer that dreams have untold meaning. Perhaps on more than one occasion, you’ve even had dreams about events happening before they actually did. When your dreams tell of great luck or misfortune, you listen.

You Feel Things Others Don’t

You don’t only feel the emotions and energy of those who are alive. Ghosts may be the subject of horror movies and fantasy novels to many individuals, but not to you. When people close to you (and maybe others) have passed, you, at times, can still feel their presence around you. Sometimes in moments of deep meditation or at night when fast asleep, they may even have contacted you.

The Benefits of Using Psychic Chat

Whether you are seeking answers about your current way of living or if you want to gain a bit of insight into the future of other areas of your life, doing so is possible when you talk with a professional psychic. If you do not live near a psychic or if you are looking for an alternative route to knowing more about yourself and potential future, a psychic chat may be the ideal solution for the answers you are seeking out.

What is a Psychic Chat?

A psychic chat is a tool that allows you to instantly communicate with the psychic of your choice right from your own computer, mobile phone or tablet device. A psychic chat system gives you the ability to connect with a psychic at any time of the day or night, regardless of where you are currently living. Chats with psychics can occur over the phone or even by typing depending on the system you have selected and the psychic you have chosen for the job. Many times, you can browse through different psychic professionals to find one that is most suitable for you based on the type of reading you are interested in as well as your time zone and the time you want the reading completed.

psychic advisor

Time and Convenience

Psychic chats are convenient as they allow you to speak with professionals at any time of the day or night, regardless of your location as well as where the psychic themselves are residing. Whether you have a hectic schedule or if you are in need of a reading on-demand, using a chat with a psychic can help to save time without requiring you to leave your home.


The cost of a psychic chat reading greatly varies depending on the type of reading you are interested in, the time you want the reading done as well as the psychic you have selected personally. Each psychic is often capable of charging their own rates, which is calculated by minutes or by a set amount of time that is agreed upon before the reading begins. You can talk with psychics about their rates and even inquire about package deals. Package deals when getting a psychic reading can help you to save on the cost if you are looking for a 15 minute, 30 minute or even an hour-long reading depending on your needs and the time you have available to spend with the psychic themselves.

Finding the Right Psychic Chat for You

Finding the best psychics in Virginia that are right for you can be done by first assessing the type of reading you are interested in based on areas in your life you want to expand on. Looking for psychics once you know the type of reading you want can be done by comparing skills, experience and biographies before making your selection using different chat sites. Comparing all of the psychics who are available and qualified is a way for you to feel confident and comfortable with any decision you settle on.